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Pre-blended smoothie mix mango/pineapple with sea buckthorn/frozen

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Here?s a great way to make fruit, berries and veggies a natural and oh so tasty part of your daily diet. But there?s more than taste to our easy-to-prepare smoothies. Loaded with nutrients, each blend will refresh, revive and refuel your body.


Product details

A tropical getaway of mango and pineapple paired with carrot and pleasantly tart sea buckthorn.

Smoothie made easy: add the frozen pellets into a glass, defrost, add water and stir ? ready to serve.

This smoothie is a natural source of fibre, nourishes your body with essential vitamins and includes no artificial ingredients.

Make your smoothie more filling with milk instead of water. Or turn it into a small meal by adding nuts, seeds or muesli.

Serves 3?4 persons.