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Glass-door cabinet dark grey

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Here you can show off your valuable figurines while protecting them from dust. To create a really cool effect, add LEDBERG lighting strip behind the cabinet to enjoy light sprinkling through the holes.


Product details

Glass doors keep your favourite items free from dust but still visible.

You can use the glass-door cabinet’s perforated back panel as a pegboard and complete with UPPSPEL accessories to organise your things exactly as you like.

You can move or remove the glass shelves as needed – perfect if you have slightly bigger things that you like and want to show off.

If you add LEDBERG lighting strip behind the glass-door cabinet, the light sprinkles through the back?s holes and creates a cool effect.

If you need more storage, you can complete with UPPSPEL pegboard which looks like the back of the glass-door cabinet and has the same dimensions.

Tempered glass is more impact resistant than ordinary glass and the surface is easy to clean.


J Chan/J Karlsson