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Cold smoked salmon ASC certified/frozen

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Scandinavia’s cold seas and responsible fishing define the SJ?RAPPORT series. This salmon is slowly cold-smoked and great to serve with sauce and boiled potatoes, in a wrap or as a buffet or starter dish.


Product details

Defrost and serve cold with various dishes. Great with boiled potatoes and mustard and dill sauce. Also perfect as a buffet dish, as starter or in a wrap with mushrooms and herbs to eat on an excursion.

The slow process of cold-smoking salmon gives the meat a smoky flavour and a firm and slightly oily texture making it easy to cut in thin slices.

This product has met the ASC’s global standard for responsibly farmed seafood.

At Christmas, Easter and Midsummer, cold smoked salmon is a must on Swedish dining tables. Without salmon, there is no real Swedish celebration ? but the popular fish is also enjoyed for everyday meals.